Money. Making money on the net. Let your computer do the work and surf for cash.

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Making money on the net

All of these programs are FREE. They work on the principle that advertisers want you to see their ads, so they pay you $$$ to do so. They also want you to refer them to your friends, and they increase your payments by a little for each friend who signs up. So don't wait TOO long before you decide, click on one or MORE and sign up now, before your friends are already signed up to someone else.
Click on any or ALL of the banners below, and start making money TODAY.

My personal favourite
Click Here
Does not require you to surf or do anything special at all, just to log on once every 20 minutes. This is BY FAR the easiest and best of the ad bars.
Try it yourself, and I'm SURE you will agree.

Click Here
(IMPORTANT: this program is unique in that the more you click on the ads, the more you get paid up to a maximum of $0.75/hour. If you don't click on any ads, you will only get paid $0.02/hour!)

Doesn't work with icq, aol instant messanger, or email (the paybar is counting your time ONLY when you are browsing the internet).

Sign up here
Can be used at the same time as one of the others

Thunder's favourite :-)
Click here to be paid for listening to music
Join radiofreecash
Set your fave style of music, minimise it, and keep on doing what you like.

Join Getpaid4
Click an ad once an hour or so. Keep an average of 10 clicks per 10 hours used.

They like it best when you are clicking on their ads.
Has a pop up every so often and throws your page off the focus
So it is not easy to work or chat with.

Want you to move your mouse every 20 seconds.
The hardest one to use and get time up on, BUT
they do allow you to play their games for ad points (which add up to money).
Great if you like spending time on the net playing Solitaire and that kind of game

Make money on WEBTV and computers too
Get Paid to Read Mail

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