From My Country To Yours

From My Country To Yours. thunder, kiss, steel, fool, romance, heart, romantic, rose, short, love, story, tracy, wolf, country, friend

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You live a country far from my own
In a land of beauty I can only dream of
Where what is old and boring to you,
Is constantly new and exciting to me,
and the things I have seen a thousand times
you dream of seeing at least once in your life time.
I cherish all of our differences
that give us so much to talk about,
and I delight in the things we do the same
that make you so warm and comfortable to be with.
But the thing that excites me most of all
is that you are my friend
and no matter where we both live
we have found each other's friendship
and shared and laughed and grown together.
From my country to yours
there is a chain of friendship that links us together
and from me to you
Thank you for your friendship
it means the world to me.

Written by Steel
With Thunder in his heart

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