Happy "NOT" Birthday

Happy NOT Birthday.  Something silly to pass on to your friends. thunder, steel, tracy, wolf, short, story, love, poetry, romance, heart, poem, romantic, valentine

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I was looking for a reason
to talk to you today
but I couldn't think of anything
in an inconspicuous way

It was not your birthday
Nor was it Christmas or New Year
I didn't want to just "pop up"
Or you might think me queer

It's really getting awkward
To keep coming up with ways
Because there's no special occasions
On so very many days

So I scratched my head
Until I finally found a way
There are 364 days a year
That you DON'T have a birthday

So I am sending this to wish you
A happy "NOT" Birthday
That we can celebrate together
Almost every single day :-)

As it's NOT my birthday tomorrow
You can send this back to me
Or to anyone else you know
Whose birthday it doesn't happen to be

But perhaps the greatest thing of all
About having a "NOT" Birthday
Is instead of getting a year older
You get a friend richer each day

Written by Steel
With Thunder in his heart

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