I Wish You A Dream

Eagle River Falls
Eagle River Falls. I Wish You a Dream.  When words are just not enough. thunder, beach, steel, breeze, tracy, sun, wolf, waterfall, short, love, stories, poems, romance, poetry, romantic

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As you close your eyes
and gently drift into a gentle sleep
I wish this dream to you

I wish you golden beaches
with palm trees and a gentle cool breeze
all touched by the warmth of the sun

I wish you waterfalls
with gentle ice-cold water cascading
into a mountain fresh stream

I wish you a field of flowers
with you and I laying together
among their wonderful scents and colours

I wish you a gentle hand
to stroke your brow as you sleep
and give you comfort throughout the night

Sleep well and dream of me
and if you would like me to dream of you
Then return this page to me

Written by Steel
With Thunder in his heart

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